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আইনজীবী তালিকাভুক্তি পরিক্ষার জন্য দেওয়ানী কার্যবিধির সিলেবাস

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দেওয়ানী কার্যবিধির সিলেবাস

1. Definitions

2. Scope and application of the Code of Civil Procedure

3. Meaning of suits of civil nature

4. Jurisdiction of civil courts

5. Res judicata and Res subjudice

6. Place of suing

7. Place of suing

8. Parties to suits

9. Pleadings and amendment of pleadings

10. Plaint

11. Written statement and set off

12. Summons

13. Discovery and inspection

14. Appearance and Non‑appearance of parties

15. Examination of parties

16. Admissions, production, impounding and return of documents

17. Settlement of issues and disposal of suits

18. Adjournments

19. Hearing of the suit and examination of witnesses

20. Affidavits

21. Interim Orders: Arrest and attachment before judgment, Appointment of receiver, Temporary injunctions, Commission, Security for costs

22. Alternative Dispute Resolution: Mediation, Arbitration and Mediation in appeal

23. Transfer of suits

24. Suits in particular Cases: Suits by and against government or public officers, Suits by and against aliens and foreign rulers, Suits by or against corporations, Suits by or against trustees, executors and administrators, Suits by or against minors and lunatics, Suits relating to public nuisance, Suits relating to public charities

25. Various kinds of Suits: Representative Suit, Inter-pleader Suit, Pauper suit, Money Suit, Title Suit etc.

26. Withdrawal and compromise of suits

27. Death, marriage and insolvency of parties

28. Suits involving interpretation of the Constitution

29. Judgement and decree

30. Execution of decree

31. Appeal

32. Review

33. Revision

34. Reference

35. Restitution

36. Inherent power of the courts