Tuesday , December 6 2022

আইনজীবী তালিকাভুক্তি পরিক্ষার জন্য দন্ডবিধির সিলেবাস

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দন্ডবিধির সিলেবাস

1. Essential elements of an offence

2. General explanations

3. Acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention

4. Abetment

5. Punishment: its objectives and limits

6. General exceptions

7. Criminal conspiracy

8. Offences against the state

9. Offences against the public tranquility

10. Offences by or relating to public servants

11. Contempt of the lawful authority of public servants

12. False evidence and offences against public justice

13. Offences relating to coin and government stamps

14. Offences relating to weight and measures

15. Offences affecting the public health, safety, convenience decency and morals.

16. Offences affecting the human body

17. Criminal intimidation

18. Offences against property

19. Offences relating to Documents and to trade or property marks; Offences relating to marriage

20. Defamation

21. Attempts to commit offences